How to Ground Yourself ( well at least my version of it.)

I am sure everyone has been paying attention right now to the news, whether fake or not, or red or blue, or just watching the weather channel. Its all unsettling. I have felt off kilter and an little disconnected, being at home, just making sure that the kids school stuff is all ready for the year.  But now they are at school, and I have time for thinking and worrying, and I know that's not going to get me anywhere. Better to be productive and busy. My cure-all every single time: Spicy Carrot Soup. There is something to the simplicity but richness of it that always calls me back to really circle around the things that are important to me. 

So here is my current cure-all to the anxiety in this world:

Get a bunch of dirty carrots, like a big bunch and REALLY dirty bunch, whether from your garden or the farmers market.


Just start scrubbing, and washing. Honestly, simple meditation. ( Okay, you can totally buy the clean grocery store one, its not gonna hurt the taste :) and I have a million times but today, my hands needed to stay busy!! )

All those pretty clean carrots!!

All those pretty clean carrots!!

Than cook up a batch of Spicy Carrot Soup, doesn't matter if you are feeding 1-6 because this soup freezes beautifully! You should have almost everything in the house, and if you don't have the garnish don't sweat it, because in our family, I am not even sure if the kids know what a garnish is!!

Eat up, and reassure yourself, you are a decent person, and you know what matters in this life.